Activités de recherche en cours/préparation

• C15-33 (INSERM), PREVACEBL3005 (LSHTM) Partnership for Research on Ebola VACcination (Partenariat de recherche sur les vaccins contre Ebola) (PREVAC)
• NIH 15-I-0083. 01/07/15-present. A Multicenter Randomized Safety and Efficacy Study of Putative Investigational Therapeutics in the Treatment of Patients with Known Ebola Infection.
• NIH Cross-Sectional Survey of Plasmodium and other parasites in pregnant women and infants around Mafèrinyah, Guinea
• ITM #948/14. 01/01/14-present. Recurrence of fistula, subsequent pregnancy and quality of life of women after obstetric fistula repair in Guinea. 
• Evaluation prospective de la politique de médicalisation des soins de santé de première ligne dans le contexte post-Ebola en Guinee (historique, gouvernance, mise en œuvre et effets sur les politiques, services et programmes).

Activités de recherche complétées

• PPEF FAVIPIRAVIR. 01/03/2015-10/2016. Favipiravir controlled prescription for Ebola Virus Diseases management in Republic of Guinea under INSERM technical and financial support. JIKI Trial, 
• INSERM 897 Beavogui (Co-PI). 01/12/2014-30/06/2015 “Efficacy of favipiravir in reducing mortality in individuals with Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea” with INSERM 897, Bordeaux, France.
• IP.2007.31060.002. 01/01/10 – 31/12/14
West African Network for Clinical Trials of Antimalarial Drugs (WANECAM) Project Title: An integrated approach to clinical trials, capacity building and networking in West Africa (www. PACTR201105000286876); 
• TA. 2011.40200.062. 01/11/12 to 30/10/14
Baseline Study of Epidemiological and Sociological aspects of Malaria in the four Natural Regions of Guinea (TA_11_40200), Role: 
• ITM0614. 15/11/14-03/07/15. Emergency evaluation of convalescent plasma for Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea.
• EDCTP CB.2011.41302.046. 01/09/12-28/02/14. Support project for the strengthening of Guinean National Ethic Committee. 
• Engenderhealth/ WHO Study # A65783. 01/01/12-30/09/13. Non-inferiority of short-term catheterization (7 days) compare with long term catheterization (14 days) after surgery for obstetric fistula.